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Walla Walla | WA

                 Christ In Doctrine

     The very first and most important thing is to melt and subdue the soul by presenting our Lord Jesus Christ as the sin-pardoning Saviour. Never should a sermon be preached, or Bible instruction in any line be given, without pointing the hearers to the "Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world." John 1:29. Every true doctrine makes Christ the center. –E.G. White

     Jesus is the Truth. We believe in Him -not merely in His words. He Himself is Doctor and Doctrine, Revealer and Revelation, the Illuminator and the Light of Men. He is exalted in every word of truth, because He is its sum and substance. He sits above the gospel, like a prince on His own throne. Doctrine is most precious when we see it distilling from His lips and embodied in His person. Sermons are valuable in proportion as they speak of Him and point to Him. A Christless gospel is no gospel and a Christless discourse is the cause of merriment to devils. May the Holy Ghost teach us more of Jesus, until we comprehend with all saints, what are the heights and depths, and know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus only, have we labored to extol: may the Lord himself succeed our endeavors. –Charles Spurgeon

     The science of salvation is to be the burden of every sermon, the theme of every song. Let it be poured forth in every supplication. Let nothing be brought into the preaching of the Word to supplement Christ, the Word and power of God. Let His name, the only name given under heaven whereby we may be saved, be exalted in every discourse. Christ is the science and eloquence of the gospel. –E.G.White

     There is no other gospel than that which is wrapped up in Christ. The more gospel, the more Christ, and the more Christ, the more gospel. -Charles Spurgeon

     Doctrines of all kinds are proclaimed with no special effect; for people expect that men will seek to press upon them their doctrines; but when the matchless love of Jesus is dwelt upon, the grace of Christ is there to make its impression upon the heart.
     In order to enlighten souls it is not necessary to bring up controverted points of doctrine, and thus create opposition. Christ is the center of all our faith and hope. Those who preach the matchless love of God, those who with softened heart lift up Jesus, and inspire hearts to give Him their best and holiest affections, are doing a high and holy work. –E.G. White

     If I had preached any other than the doctrine of Christ crucified, I should year's ago have scattered my audience to the winds of heaven. But the old theme is always new, always fresh, always attractive. Preach Jesus Christ. That is the recipe for catching men's ears and laying hold upon men's hearts. The name of Jesus is to man's heart the most mighty of charms: man's ear waits for it as the morning hour waits for the sun. or as the parched earth waits for the shower. Ring out the name of Jesus; it is the sweetest carol ever sung. Ring it out without fear or stint, for it is always welcome as the flowers in May: men will never tire of it till the flowers are satiated with sunlight, and the grass grows weary of the dew. The music of that blessed silver bell rings out o'er hill and dale as sweetly as when, on the first Christmas-night, the angels sang, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. –Charles Spurgeon